Words: A Powerful Tool

Dear world,

As the saying goes, words is powerful than swords. Truly indeed, what is the essence of sharing but to give information to the one who needed. To share knowledge to people, to bring some light to somebody on their darkest moments. To bring some cheers and delight…To give fulfillment to the thirsty soul to be acknowledged.

I ended up here at wordpress because of my friend’s advice. Now I am one of those bloggers (I hope can be a successful blogger) that wanting to share their ideas. As a result of simple sharing, or because I have no one here to talk to (lol).

Yesterday was one of my fulfilled day. After a long month of waiting for my odesk card to reach me, I already got it the other day and again, after an agonizing birthpain of being first timer to activate and transfer fund from odesk to odesk card, it was a success. I first go to the nearest Mastercard affiliated bank here, but to no avail, the card did not process. I calmed myself and waited again for another day (That’s yesterday) to try my luck with other bank. In Metrobank, I withdraw my first salary on my first homebase job. The long wait was over and I felt being rewarded at last. From original $200 fund, i withdrawn P7,800. I expect to be deducted for more or less P1,000 as my friend lony told me, and she was right. It’s a cute black Mastercard debit card. I thank God for all the blessings. Now, I am more concentrated to do what I need to do. Thanks for all of my fans and friends Lol. Thanks to Ellennor too, for guiding me throghout the process. To Robin and Yeth and to my sister who supported my financial need until I got my first payment. To my Inang, love you po and to my ever kulet baby and our bunso MJ. Mwahh Love you.


2 Responses

  1. Hello friend!

    Finally, a birth of a new blogger has come! I hope to read more of your post…

    Writing is one of the best hobby. For me it’s my healing balm. It cushion the blows and pains when I put it into any platform, whether on a piece of paper or my PC or the internet. Let me have this opportunity to give you a warm welcome in the blogging world.

    Till next post dear! Mwah! 🙂

  2. Hello friend,
    as I expected, you leave the first comment ever here in my blog. You always ahead of me in everything and it’s good, because you are there to teach me and giving me tip about computer and related works (laugh).
    thanks friend.
    love you mwahh.

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