Surgery of Kenzy

After a two-month long suffering of vaginal tumor, Kenzy my old dog was finally got an operation to remove the “pain in her vagina.” not “pain in the ass lol”

Kenzy is more than six years old. She is my oldest dog alive (They are three). Every mating season, Kenzy is always pregnant and she gave birth for not less than eight occasions now. Her last batch of puppies were four months ago. But unfortunately, out of 8 puppies she have given birth, no single of them survived. After more than a month, we noticed that there is a lump protruding out of her vagina. In our local term we call it “BUWA” but medically speaking it is a vaginal tumor. A tumor that is common for old female dog and to the “always pregnant” dog. I pitied her but I know I need some money to be able for her to fix by a vet.

This Saturday (October 4, 2008) after I withdraw my salary and ask for the vet’s appointment, me and my sister Susan bring Kenzy at the vet’s clinic. After a brief check up, the vet  (Dr. Baculanta) told me that Kenzy need an operation. I borrow P1000 from my sister to add for my allocated budget to Kenzy’s medication. For a price of P1800, Dr. Baculanta proceed with the operation and successfully removed the vaginal tumor out of my dog. She injected an anesthesia and after a few minutes, Kenzy grogily lied on the table, drooling because her tongue was protruding. She never blinks and we took her home still sedated. She had two kinds of medication that will be taken for three days.

Now Kenzy is back to her normal self again. She already eat well. Occasionally i let her loose from her chain. After at least ten days, I will bathe her more often and maybe she can stay inside my home then.

To some people they can say I am not practical. But I can’t let my dog suffer if I had a capability to bring them to vet and ease their pain.


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