ID Project from Calbayog City

Last September 15, me and my partner Rizza took ID pictures from Samar Agricultural High School in Barangay Pilar, Oquendo District. We got there from more than one hour of riding a tricycle at about 10 AM. We inform the authorities and Rizza’s cousin (Mr. Jun Sagadal), who happen to be the school registrar assisted us. We took picture primarily with their freshmen students. And only with the lost or torn IDs from the sophomore, Junior and Senior students. We did an orderly picturing procedure, we provide sheet of information to all of them and a corresponding number. We anticipated the battery to be drained but we didn’t expected the memory card of the digicam to be fully loaded. When we took almost a  hundred and fifty students, the MMC was full. So we decided to go home and upload the pictures in the computer and be back again asap to finish the photo sessions.

We borrow the motorbike of one of the teacher (the tricycles there were so limited especially at noon time) and headed for home. It was Rizza who drove all the way. We just thankful that Mr. Sagadal lend his sweatshirts and the climate was cool so we did not get “burn” through all our journey.

It was so fun because many students and some of their teachers too are “bayot” or homosexual. They are so candid and I am glad that even at the young age of these students, they can come out with their sexual preference so easy.

We are hoping for more projects to come.



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