My first official steaming bath session

August 28, 2008

An endorser of an Infrared Massage therapy demonstrated their products here in my house. I let them do it because I have so much interest about massage, shiatsu, accupressure therapy and the likes. They (three of them) first demonstrated the foot massager and tried the electric infrared massager to me later. With the usual talking and building up their product, I finally decided to get (loan) the electric massager. The price of the foot massager is huge and I don’t think it’s practical to buy that (an oozing P22,000). The electric (dolphin type but not the usual in the market) massager cost P6000 and payable within 2 mos. With an initial payment of P1000, they let me have the unit and promise to change it with a brand new one the next day.

This is the massager

They return early in that evening to do a steaming session with me and so my official steaming begin.

They put me in an improvised steaming net and with the help of water and ginger (YES ginger!) as a steaming solution, the ritual began. They steamed me (wearing only my undies) for about 20 minutes and the feeling was great. I feel refresh and rejuvenated. (Although i smell like a “paksiw”). I am planning to do that by myself if I had chance. I have a “steam iron” here that I used before for that purpose.

The feeling of massaging your body really relaxes me. I had a wonderful sleep that night. I am using the massager since then especially when my back aches for too much exposure at my computer. I sleep with the massager beside me.


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