I am very proud about being a provider with odesk

Two months ago, I am so restless because I don’t know how to pay my bills anymore. Electric, cable and internet connection. My allowance was already gone since last week of May. But the goodness of the Lord never really fades. My friend Lony introduces me with odesk, the best online job provider. After I passed my odesk readiness test, I am ready now to apply for any possible job I ever choose. With 20 job quotas a week, that’s really huge (oh my!) and luckily Devbook hired me and I am now one of their quizwriter.  I recommended odesk to all my friends and even with new acquaintances. We don’t need to pay out even a single cents and that one really counts. With a service like that, you can guarantee of an honest to goodness deal. That’s why we are here now.

To the interested party looking for online job or even if you are a buyer or has own company that is needing online works, Odesk.com is the sure way to find what you are looking for.

Just go to oDesk.com and create an account there. Follow the instruction and for provider, just passing the odesk readiness test is your first step to find a job that surely guaranteed best payment. I already passed 4 of their available tests too for building up my profile.

For the buyer, this place is the best for you to find out affordable and excellent provider.

Take it from me.

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Finding homebased jobs through oDesk in Tagalog


8 Responses

  1. […] how could we not love a blog post that’s titled I am very proud about being a provider with oDesk? A blogger calling herself “redfieryheart” describes how when she was becoming very […]

  2. Thank you very much oDesk for featuring my blog. It really made my day.
    More Power.

  3. We were happy to feature you! If you’ll send an email to buzz@odesk.com I can send you your free T-shirt coupon codes.

  4. Hello Ate,
    Hehehe.. its just my little way of paying forward and sharing what i have…
    Keep up the good work and Good luck!
    keep on breaking a leg…
    God Bless!
    **your shirt is cool huh! hehehe

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  6. Thanks for the inspiring comment. God bless.

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