My washing machine

Yesterday is a double celebration for me. I received my Eon card and at the same time my new washing machine arrived. This is an LG model WP-610N. A six kilograms capacity with built-in dryer. My old washing machine (a Mt. Fujiyama) is already dead after more than 8 years of using it. My nephew no long wanted it to fix. I am just alone and i can manage to wash my own clothes but whenever I need to change curtains and bedsheets, pillow cover, and blanket, that is the intolerable part. This past occasions, I brought my dirty stuff to my mother’s place to use their washing machine. I already get tired doing it so i decided to loan one in BHF Tarlac branch.

LG WP-610N
LG WP-610N

They brought it here yesterday when I am at Unionbank doing transactions about my eon card. It was a dark grey and flesh combination. It is kinda cute and I already used it last night (lol). My partner is going to arrive anytime now and i don’t want to do it when she is here. I made a downpayment of P1,160 plus a notary payment of P100 so its P1,260 in total. The monthly  payment is P1,430 for 6 months, but i don’t intend to pay it that long. I will pay it for maximum of 4 months.

Miss Eva Dayao, thank you for assisting me all the way and God bless your family.


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