First time to see Mayon Volcano

We really had a hectic schedules. After the EB night, we (me and Rizza) accompanied my  inang to the bus terminal in Cubao and meet sis Mia afterward at the Sta Lucia in Marikina. Then we prepared for the long travel riding sis Mia’s jeepney going to Samar.

We leave at exactly 7:20 pm in Antipolo. By 8 AM we are in Albay and for the first time, I saw the Mayon Volcano in reality. The sight was really enchanting and wonderful. We took few pix of it and I will share it to you here in my blogs.

Mayon Volcano
Mayon Volcano

The travel was really tough, it was different from the bus ride but this made less difficult knowing you are with your friends and we had occasional chatting even though we were all tired. The driver lost our ways twice in Bicol Region but we still manage to continue the trip well. What really sucks with the situation are the police checkpoints that keep on making “kotong” with us. But in Matnog, that’s really awful. We need to pay to be entered aside from paying the terminal fees and individual payment, there were also “for meryenda” and for the “guards” fee (whew!)

We can’t take our greasy and soiled body and clothes so while we were waiting for the RORO to arrive, we took a bath to one stall there. It cost another almost P300 for our manager (sis Mia ehem) but it really feels good.

Ito ba ang mga mukhang ngarag sa biyahe? hahaha
Ito ba ang mga mukhang ngarag sa biyahe? hahaha

We arrived at Calbayog almost 9Pm. The group ate at jollibee and after that, they bring us home at riza’s residence and they continue the journey for another 9 hours. I can no longer take the tiredness and sleepiness, after I took a bath, I sleep immediately.

Sis Mia thank you very much.


4 Responses

  1. Hi! how are you i’m keymark Villanueva from Sumlang, Camalig,Albay. I have read your blog about Mayon Volcano
    and your extreme experience together with your friends.I have seen also your Group picture and ive felt happy actually i’d keep on smiling when i saw it .I was shock also about your experience when you where riding in your jeep.I hope you will visit again the magestic Volcano.
    If you were interested in other info about Mayon Volcano you may please visit my blog at:
    Mayon Volcano

  2. I already visited your blog Keymark and it’s great. Thanks

  3. Thank u too sis Red, kahit mahirap ang biyahe na yon nag enjoy pa rin ako, it was really a memorable one hehehehe.

    Hope to see u and sis Bad again….

    Sis Mia

    • Sis Miaaaaaaaaaaaaa,
      It’s so nice to know na nasisilip mo itong blog ko at nanghihinayang nga ako na di ka daw makakauwi this year e, ikaw pa naman ang isa sa mga gustong gusto kong makita at muling mameet sa darating na eb. Ingat lagi at keep in touch ha

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