OFW 48ers charity work 2008

Last October 15, OFW 48ers finally have a charity works at Assocacion de Damas in Paco Manila. This is an orphanage institution initiated by former President Joseph Estrada. The orphans (but most of them had parents) were ranging from 11 months old up to 12 years old. Sis Cassidey, the moderator of OFW 48 initiated it with the help of other volunteers and sponsors. The group donated school supplies, snacks of fried chicken and spaghetti (really taste good) that was cooked in Bataan with Sis cass and Sis Mia’s relatives. There were clowns too and face painted, which the kids really enjoyed too. They are 78 kids all but many of them have classes so only the available kids enjoyed the occasion most.

kids dancing and singing number

Tere, an OFW 48ers hosted the events, the children gave us some production numbers that really touched our hearts. They are so cute, talented and well-behaved too. If you are there guys you really had a wonderful times. They taught us to some thanking steps. We sang and danced with them and everybody had a wonderful time. The effort was really rewarding. You can see in their face how much they appreciated this good deed.

Sis Mia, her older sister, weng and two nieces are also there. Maffi, SImang, Mark, me, Rizz kids dancing and singing numberand Sis Cass sister Sella with her two daughters were there too. They gave a number for all of us.

Kids, staff and 48ers
Kids, staffs and 48ers

The kids love the antics of the clowns. They like their individual cute balloon and face paint of their favorite cartoon characters.

We sang and dance with them, they taught us their different Thank You steps. It’s really a nice feeling knowing you have done something with them. Thanks for all the effort of making this charity work a success.

From the initiator, sponsors, volunteers and staffs. Great job for all of us. We are looking for many next time guys.

My inang, me and 48ers

My inang, me and 48ers

My inang with OFW 48ers

My inang with OFW 48ers

school supplies and food for charity
school supplies and food for charity

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