At last I am home

As continuation of my blog going to Samar. Sis Mia and family fetched me up to Rizza’s house to be with them again in a long trip. The group started to travel at 6pm last october 23 and after more than an 8 hours Drive from Oras Eastern Samar, they were in Calbayog (Western Samar). After they ate a very late dinner, we are again in a journey going home. Their home is in Antipolo while I live in Tarlac.

It’s a little tougher because there is an additional passenger. We are 17 all adults including 2 drivers. But it was really enjoyable. I feel I am one of the family. They had different antics and one of the lively passenger is Tiya Marie, an assertive (a bit more of an agressive) type that is always in the front line when we encountered any problems. She is decisive too, she is Sis Mia’s cousin. Sis Weng is the sleeper one. She is sleeping most of the trip. I never saw Mayon Volcano maybe because I am on the other side of the window or I am sleeping too when we were on Albay. After almost 30 hours of unstoppable travel, we separated ways in Santolan, where I ride taxi going to the Five Star Bus terminal.

I arrived home at past 6AM this morning and after I distributed my “Pasalubong” to my family, I heated water and took a bath. I slept and woke up at 3pm. After I ate a late lunch, I begin washing clothes. I did all the house chores so tomorrow when I start working, i have nothing to worry about.

Whew I am really tired but inspired blogging and make some improvements in this blog site as per my friend Juliet suggested and giving me tips about.

Next time I will try to travel by plane lol.


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  1. Hi Liz, Salamat sa pagpunta sa bday ni nonoy

    Eto nga pala yung code link code:

    Juliet: PinayKeyPoint

    Copy mo na yan at paste mo dun sa text widget mo. then copy mo uli to add another link, palitan mo na lang yung URL at name na gusto mo mag appear.

    Happy posting 🙂


  2. Edit mo muna yung comment para makita mo yung link code ne.

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