A surprise from oDesk

Upon searching my email  yesterday, I was so surprised to find out there was a mail coming from Miss Jacqui Pittenger (oDesk staff) and confirming if I am redfieryheart. She indicated that she will give me a coupon to be used for claiming my shirt.  They noticed my humble blog about them in this blogsite and wants to feature it in their blog too. I was so elated and feel proud. For a starter blogger like me who just want to share my thoughts, then be notice is like a ‘feather in my cap’.

First, I wrote that blog to show my gratitude to my “new family” (oDesk) for giving me the chance to be one of their provider. And to highlight Lhony, a friend of mine who is already a member for more than few months ago. She patiently guided me all the way, from filling up my profiles and up to a simple details that I asked before. I never thought that somebody will read it and noticed it like oDesk staff does.

I want other people to know too how great this outsource and job provider company. Visiting their site is never a waste of time but an opening of an opportunity to work home-based.

By the way I choose this particular shirt, it looks so cool.

This is the cool oDesk shirt

This is the cool oDesk shirt


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  1. Hello Baliz, o pareho na tayong me T-shirt ha, pag dumating pakuha tayo ng pics wearing odesk shirt 🙂

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