Mizzy, a very sweet dog

Mizzy when she was young

Mizzy when she was young

Mizzy, is a daughter of Kenzy. Mj and Rizza asked me to have this cute dog when they first saw it in my cam December of last year. So I took care of mizzy to be able to ‘deliver’ it to Samar last February. Mizzy is a true survivor, she is one of the two puppies of Kenzy but her other sibling died when it is only four days old. Then Mizzy, upon reaching her 3 weeks old got very, very sick. I don’t have job that time and my only money was my coins that I saved for a fare to Samar. Seeing her pitiful condition for 3 days of vomiting, we went to vet (Dr. Baculanta, the one who did Kenzy’s surgery) and confined Mizzy for better treatment. All of my money was drained and I don’t know what to do with my fare, but I feel relieve that after 3 days of confinement, Dr. Baculanta gave me permission to let Mizzy go home.

After that, Mizzy recovered well and when I brought it to Samar she is quite a big puppy. She was dressed and have diaper through all our traveling period. That was February 12, 2008. She had sweater too and 2 diapers reserve for his pee and poo. Aside from being groggy (I slapped her tenderly when her feeding time come because she is too sleepy to stand up), she survived the long trip of 24 hours.

After seven months, I saw Mizzy again last September. Oh gee I was so surprised knowing what behavior Mizzy had. She is so sweet, I have no pet that’s been so sweet like that. After a few moments, Mizzy remember me totally and she jump on my laps and lick my face. Not just a lick or two but literally, wash your face with her tongue, it’s kinda gross at first, but because Mizzy is so clean, her breath smell fresh too. Everytime me and Riz go out, Mizzy is so excited meeting us when we come home. She doesn’t know who she lick first, if it is me or Riz, so she ended up licking us both.

Mizzy has her own way, quite demanding way. She doesn’t want to be prevented when licking us. She became mad whenever she wanted to enter RIza’s room and not let her in. Mizzy wants to sleep at Riza’s room too, and in her bed. So Mizzy, Riza and me share bed when I was there. According to Riza, she observed one touchy behavior of Mizzy, whenever there is a sick housemate, Mizzy doesn’t want to leave that person. Even though at in normal condition, Mizzy is not close to that person. But Mizzy is one hell of a nervous dog. She bark easily at any sound, especially when she is sleeping. According to kuya June (Riza’s cousin) Mizzy got nervous at her own shadow. This behavior of hers can be attributed (according to Riza) from her nephews, CJ and Quincy, who always have a habit of annoying Mizzy. But Mizzy is a picky eater, that’s our problem with her. So she is a bit skinny (sexy).

Mizzy has a habit of sleeping in our arms too. Not too many dogs acted that way. Look at this pictures.

mizzy and me

mizzy and me

mizzy and riz

mizzy and riz

Daphne and Mizzy with her baptismal dress

Daphne and Mizzy with her baptismal dress

mizzy thinking about her future lol!

mizzy thinking about her future lol!

mizzy at Riza's bed

mizzy at Riza

At the last picture, you can see her tail fur looks like feather duster, this one and her fur below her ears are the two distinguishable features of Mizzy.

By the way, Mizzy is now a Christian, last October 4 (Feast of St. Francis of Assissi) she was being blessed (we call it baptized) by the parish priest.

Welcome to Christian world mizzytot!


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