Philippines, the salvage place

Assorted ukay-ukay

Assorted ukay-ukay

Growing of Ukay-ukay industry (second hand clothes, UK or ‘relief’) in the Philippines are like mushrooms. These last two decades is the height of “salvage’ industry. You can see these second-hand stalls almost everywhere. It is supposed to be a quality goods, but if you observe them thoroughly, you can see that most of them are ‘ready to be thrown up’. in short, they are rags.Imagine, even the ripped off underwear are there to be sold, Whew!

One of the sad indications of why they are blooming in our country is because poverty really hits us here. And why not, only in third world country you can see industries like this. All of the salvage items of the first world countries are being thrown up and we welcome them with open arms and sometimes even open legs (lol). Many people still go with ukay-ukay because they can find fine goods in a very reasonable price, only if only they knew how to eye for it. But sad to say, they can kill our local industries as well. They have no tax (or really good in evading the tax, in our local language it is ‘puslit’ or smuggled) while taxes in our locals are very high.

ukay ukay bangketa

ukay ukay bangketa

Every Monday here in our “talipapa day” (flea market day) you can buy shirts varying from ten to a hundred pesos depending on their quality. Shorts from P15 to P75, jackets for up to P100, dress, bags, shoes,  curtains, and other goods at very affordable prices.

ukay ukay in Session Road

ukay ukay in Session Road, Baguio city

Baguio is one of our tourist spots. Before, they just sell the ‘good views’ and native products. But now, ukay-ukay is one of their industries too. It saddens me because ukay-ukay now invaded Baguio.

I have got little apprehensions about this (or I think paranoia hits me). I always thought that these used goods came from dead people, and that their spirits, especially negative, are still there. So, I am very careful choosing items (if I need to).  Some of my friends literally boil them, it’s their way of ‘waving’ evil spirits in the clothes. Funny but it’s true.

surplus aircons

surplus aircons

surplus sewing machine

surplus sewing machine

surplus computers

surplus computers

Not only ukay-ukay is selling used goods, but even used cars, refrigirators, aircondioners, sewing machines, TVs, computers, in short, named it and Philippines will have it. There is truth in saying there is money in the garbage.


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  2. Thanks for visiting my blog sir, the theme is in our design. The title is DIGG 3 Column.

  3. I would like to purchase use clothing by from you guys .this is any away can you provide me some info.

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