Another new member of my family

Last Friday while I am taking my afternoon nap, Robin, a friend of mine and better half of Juliet came here at my house and give my new family. She is Margotte, my new puppy. Actually Margotte is also Kenzy’s grandpuppy. Margotte’s dad is Satzky, also Kenzy’s son. By the way, my partner Riz gave that particular name.



Margotte has 4 other siblings but only two of them survived. She is so skinny and her tummy is bloated. I tease her ‘rat’ or ‘frog’. My nieces call her ‘gremlins’ or ‘bat’ because of her ears. Unlike Kenzy, Satzky is a normal dog when it comes to height and Kikay, Margotte’s mom is a tall but slender dog. And with her looks right now, you can say that Margotte is a tall dog too.

I immediately took bath of her and I joined her in my bed to continue my interrupted nap. She is so tame and frightful by that time, but when I gave her first meal with me, she automatically cling as if she knows me long enough.

She always wanted to be my side and acts like a shadow of mine. She always wanted here in my lap or my side in sofa while i am working. I know she can be a sweet dog. With her big appetite, I know she can grow immediately (but I am still hoping that she won’t become a very tall dog wahhhhhhh).

still camera shy Margotte

still camera shy Margotte

So friends meet Margotte, my new family member.


2 Responses

  1. Hi there Margotte! finally you found your grandma’s home 🙂 I have to let your grandma Liza keep you coz with many pets in the house and my naughty son around, you won’t survive lolz. Nonoy has a guinea pig which he calls meme, he cuddles it, toss around, but it’s okay coz it’s old enough but he’s doing the same with Margotte and I’m afraid that the puppy won’t survive this treatment. I know that with Liza’s fondness for dogs, Margotte will surely be pampered. Anyways, I can still see and visit you as Liza and me is just few walks away 🙂 Enjoy your new home Margotte!

  2. hahaha di na siya bloated at marunong na ding makinig. she do the pee in our toilet and i know her well enough if she want to poo and i immediately put her outside.

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