International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

November 25 is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, it takes effect by resolution 54/134 of 17 December 1999.

Women’s rights are human rights. This is the what feminist and activist are been shouting all the time. Violence against women are so rampant all over the world, but more particular to what we called “Third World Countries”. Oww come on, is there anything like that in our modern world? Some may say it but the records show that it still happening even though we are now in a computer era.  There are different forms of violence against women ( and children as well). As for data, one out of every two women is subjected to domestic violence in the form of sexual, emotional and physical violence. Rape (including marital rape) female genital mutilation, forced prostitution, feticide, infanticide, sati or widow burning and trafficking in women continue to ruin and devastate the lives of women all over the world. A law that protects women and children has no fangs to implement it or worse, total neglect from the part of our authority.

Thanks, The United Nations takes it stand against it promoting recognition of women’s human rights and calling for their protection from violence. Women’s organizations, NGOs, feminist and activists are continued to struggle for gender equality.

Poverty (plus ignorance) is one of the main culprits why violence are so rampant that violators take it as “natural” and “normal”. If you think we can be safe in our own house, think again because incest and other forms of verbal and physical violence happened inside own house of the victims. Culture, media and Patriarchal society contribute big factor for women’s oppression. Medias like commercials, and films suggested the same too.

Maybe the first question you ask is: CAN IT HAPPEN TO ME?

Yes, it can happen to women from all walks of life – housewives, professionals, rich, poor, married, single, with children or without children.

Most studies on violence against women indicate that

  • the perpetrators of violence against women are almost exclusively men;
  • women are at greatest risk of violence from men they know;
  • women and girls are the most frequent victims of violence within the family and between intimate partners
  • physical abuse in intimate relationships is almost always accompanied by severe psychological and verbal abuse;
  • social institutions put in place to protect citizens too often blame or
  • ignore battered women.

Let’s support Violence Against Women (VAW)



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