Christmas in Calbayog

Like the usual Christmas tradition here in the Philippines, Calbayog has its own tradition and interpretation of nativity. Here, the Baby Jesus in not yet included in the belen (nativity) until after the Christmas Eve mass. Where, according to them, is the real time when the Child Jesus is born.

I attended the mass on Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral. The mass began at 10:00 pm and ended at almost 12:00 MN. It was led by Bishop Abarquez. An hour before the actual mass, the cathedral is already full. We sang some popular Christmas songs but the hardest part for me is the Waray portion of the homily where i understood nothing (laugh). I got confused when the Child Jesus is again being held out of the nativity. Some says because they avoided it being stolen (Baby Jesusnap?) but I found out later that they got it to be presented to the hundreds of people who want to kiss or even touch the image. (whew!)

After we got home, it’s barbecue time! I am the one who insist to grill it because I dont want it to cook hurriedly. The dryness and hardness always come when it cooked with high heat. And it was a success, yummy indeed. It was as simple gathering and my first time to celebrate Christmas with other family, but  it always gives me the feeling of “I am belong.”

Come let’s celebrate Chrismas in the Philippines.


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