My First Plane Experience

December 14 is one of the special day in my life. And why not, this is the first time I travel by plane. My partner Riz send me a plane ticket to join her in Christmas celebration in Calbayog.  My flight is 5:50 AM in the morning, so I left Tarlac at about 12 MN. Riz instruction is I need to go at terminal 1 of NAIA because PAL flight always took place there. But when I was in terminal 1, I found out that the flight is in terminal 2. Both taxi drivers I hired really disappointed me, they charged more than what it should be. It cost me more than P250 from Pasay to terminal 2. Here is the ironic part, when I was entering the terminal 2, the guard look at my ticket and found out that my plane is in terminal 3. So from terminal 1 I went to terminal 2 and finally ended at terminal 3. The kind guard when finally knew that, told me that there is a shuttle bus courtesy of NAIA that services all the terminal for free.  I still have plenty of time so I decided to join some commuters who also there waiting to ride the bus.

Then the experience begin. I am so excited and want to remember all the experience. I thought it is a big plane like jumbo 747 jet, but I found out that it’s like a bus plane haha. The take off of the plane, the views of going up high and see the scenery below us really excites me. But after the plane is above the cloud, there is no exciting views at all but all white. The magic disappeared (laugh). The next thing we knew  the plane is ready to land. It is an exactly 1 hour ride and it’s kinda cute for a first timer.

Riz fetched me with a single motorcycle and at about 7 am, we are already at their house. What an experience.


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