Let’s Recycle Again Our New Year’s Resolutions!

So New Year is just started and all the celebration is almost gone. No more firecrackers, no noises and no more food on the table (laugh). Although in some countries like the Philippines, the celebration of Christmas holidays lasted till Three Kings (first Sunday of the year except January 1). So the usual attitude when starting new year is to make our own New Year’s Resolutions. See below what resolution do you want to attain this year.

Did you know that the tradition of the New Year’s Resolutions goes all the way back to 153 B.C. Whew, that’s really old! but still many people are doing it. That’s good!

Let’s see the top 10 New Year’s Resolutions.

1. Spending more time with family and friends

bonding with family
bonding with family

No need to mention that we are working our butts for earning money and attain some level of financial security nowadays. We don’t have quality time anymore for our loved ones.  Many people really appreciate loved ones and promise to spend more time with them. That means more bonding moments. So why not make a habit of quality dinner with your family and talk about anything. Treat your friends in your favorite snack bar and be bonded with them.

exercise 2. Let’s do some exercises

Let’s stretch some legs and ligaments. Regular exercises has been associated with more health benefits. We all know that study shows it reduces the risk of some cancers, maintain weight loss, and  enhances our mood, it increases longevity and the elder’s favorite of course, it improve arthritis. Internet or computer related jobs really needs to exercise or we end up being obese. So now is the time to get some physical and go back in shape with your favorite gym or the comfort of your own home.

cut that bulge!
cut that bulge!

3. Get rid of the bulge

If you are one of the 66% adult Americans that are considered overweight or obese,  weight loss is always the favorite New Year’s Resolutions. But you need more focus and reasonable goals. So remember that the more our waist getting bigger, our life is getting shorter. If you don’t want to waste food or you always want to eat excess food, you may choose if you want the excess foods go to waste or to your waist.

4. Quit Smoking no cigarettes please

no cigarettes please

Are you a walking chimney? Well, lucky for you. Because over-the-counter (OTC) availability of nicotine replacement therapy now provides easy access and proven effective quit smoking aids. You may not succeed in your first try and experience some failures but don’t let it get you down or be upset with yourself. Study says, on average, smokers try about four times before they quit for good. So cheer up and let’s twist some cigarettes.

enjoy life

enjoy life

5. Enjoy Your Life More

Is your lifestyle so hectic and stressful? I think you need this resolution on top of your priority. Being a slave of money, work, or career is really no jokes. You are may eventually getting burnout and need to recollect yourself again. Try a new habit, get bonded with your old friends. Join some clubs or organizations. Relaxing and unwinding really makes your life complete and will bring the positive aura you are forgotten long time ago.

6. Quit Drinking no beer please

It takes a lot of courage and willingness to change your lifestyle. And quitting drinking is hard to do. Don’t do it drastically. Many heavy drinkers fail to quit that way. It is better when you do it gradually, or learn to moderate your drinking. There are support groups that willing to help you with that. Don’t be afraid to admit and face the problem of being an alcoholic.

debt17. Limit Your Debt

Our life is getting harder nowadays, but is this a reason to indulge ourselves with debt? Now, you  realized that living beyond your means really not helping anything. If money is the big source of stress in your life last year, now is really the best time to handle your finances well. Make journals of your expenses and cut off the unnecessary source of debt. Being hunted by debts will hunt you and your sanity in the end.

organized 8. Get Organized

This one is a very reasonable goal. Organizing your home, your office, files, and even finances can be very rewarding. When you know where to find out about anything in your area, you lessen the chance of being upset. It’s a time saving attitude. There are available books about organizing and grab one if you go to a book sale.

continue learning

continue learning

9. I Want To Learn Something New

Learning something new is really a good thing to do if you are considering new career. Fixing your own car or computer is helpful for you.  Take new courses if you had time. It is not necessary a 4 year course, there are short courses that can help us add some knowledge that surely boost our self confidence more. It will definitely open a good chance for new career. Just do some learning, it doesn’t matter if what age you are right now.



10. Helping others

Ohhhh, this is a noble and non-selfish New Year’s Resolution. Volunteering your time in any institutions, organizations, and NGO’s  is rewarding for both sides. For them, because of extra help and services you can lend. For you, to feel the joy of helping and giving without expecting anything in return. Why not cook for a sick neighbor, taking care of their babies even for short time will bring so much appreciation to them. Remember that good deeds always begets good deeds. It’s the principle of karma.

Things to keep in mind about New Year’s Resolutions

1. Be realistic – The key to make it successful is to make your goal attainable. No drastic decision. Don’t do it abruptly. Aim for a gradual but sure goal is surely a hit.

2. Make a “Pro” and “Con” List – Keep journal with the negative and positive possible outcome. One good thing to keep your motivation strong is to see it in a paper. Seeing things with all the consequences and beneficial side will help you see the real score. Try to develop the list over time and keeping it with you and refer to it when you need help keeping you resolve.

3. Don’t be too hard about yourself – Don’t get upset. Being frustrated over occasional slip and lapses won’t help you achieve your goal. Why not give yourself a reward? if you see good results and your family and friends will definitely love a treat in your favorite snack bar. Make it a day at a time habit and little by little you will see the progress.

That’s it, hope these tips can help you with your New Year’s Resolutions.


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