Link your oDesk card to your Paypal account and be verified

Whew! after so many attempts and opening of new bank accounts, at last I am now a verified Paypal user. I have been in oDesk since July last year and always transacting business with my oDesk card thru Payoneer without knowing that I can use my oDesk Card to verify my Paypal account too.

Here’s how:

1. Make sure that your oDesk card has load of at least $2.

2. Go to and create an account.

3. Link your oDesk card to be verified

4. Follow the procedure and wait for the Paypal code that you can see in your Payoneer account.

5. Go to Payoneer and click view transaction (in the left corner.)

6. You can see your 4-digit Paypal code right under the Merchant name.

7. Go back to Paypal and click the the “insert Paypal code”.

8. Insert the code and you are now a verified member of Paypall!

If you still have problems in verifying your Paypal account. You can go and talk to Mr. Ping of Paymanila for help. This guy is really cool and he can help you dealing with your Paypal.Try their game promo now and be verified with them.

here is the email address:

Hope it will help all the oDesk card users.


3 Responses

  1. Hi, red!

    Thanks for this post!

    Check out our latest marketing campaign here –

  2. Nice new. I want to work in odesk too. I have an account but not started yet.

    Have you heard about Are they not scam?


    • Hello po.

      No, Paymanila is not a scam, I am always transacting business with them, Just look for Ping. They are so helpful and really help you about anything even in any related issues like verifying an account with paypal.
      So dont worry boss, they are 100% legitimate!

      I have related blog regarding them, just scroll and read okay.

      God bless

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