I miss this Lion’s Head

Since Kennon road was no longer passable to busses and Heavy trucks, the Lion’s head seems impossible now to see if you are not riding your own car or van or your friend’s van.

Lhony and I at Lion's head

Lhony and I at Lion's head

Last February 21, Lhony (my net friend) and her partner Marvin fetched me here in Luisita and I go with them all the way to Baguio. Actually, I am the one who insisted to join their rides. There is no way we and Lhony can talk personally if I will not go with them. They road testing Marvin’s car and with Marvin’s permission of course, I joined them.

what a pose lol!I am bit surprised to know that Marvin is a conversationalist, knows many things without making you feel he is bragging himself, so our more than 5 hours drive was never been boring.  After late lunch with Isdaan in Gerona, Tarlac, we continue to travel and to our delight, we took Kennon road.

I have been in Baguio many times but only few occasions that I see the Lion’s head. We took pics there. I borrowed my nephew’s MP5, I took many angles of Lion’s head. But to my dismay yesterday, when I save the pics in my pc, for whatever reason, it never saved. I deleted it already from MP5 and it was not in recycle bin.

Thanks to Lhony and she shared some pics for me to share with you.

Lhon and Marvin

Lhon and Marvin

We are one of the people there, promise

We are one of the people there, promise

I was in Baguio for only less than 3 hours. We arrived there at past 6 p.m. and after we fetched Loralie (Lhony’s friend) in Teacher’s camp, we proceed to the hotel where Marvin had an earlier reservation. After that, we ate dinner and I bid goodbye. I don’t want to be a hassle and baggage for the two of them. At about 9 p.m. I am on my way home.


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