Summer and Baguio

tweety11It can never denied, summer is long here, whew for the super hot and humid temperature. Few minutes outside and your sweat are enormous. Here in the Philippines, summer always associated with beaches and of course Baguio City.

image0571I first set foot on this city when I was just 17 years old. I already have job then and we have a long vacation. That time, no cellphones yet, it’s just the old ways of writing letters, in short, penpal method. With Cristy, my old friend and her classmates there in Baguio who used to penpal me then, I gathered some money and lot of courage (lol) to go there. I was working in Caloocan by that time and it took a 6-hour drive going to Baguio. With addresses in my note, I found Joan, Cristy’s lesbian friend and stayed to their place for a night. The day after, Joan brought me to the UB gym where they meet for the graduation practice. Later she introduced me to my other penpals and set a surprise for Cristy. When they saw her coming, they requested me to turn my back, even Cristy didn’t know I was coming to meet them.

image066When finally I face her, Cristy was teary-eyed and surprised. She can’t believe I was there, she embraced me and she was crying. How can I forget that scene? Cristy brought me to their house and I meet her family. I met some of them before because at one time, Cristy’s brother was our tenant. I stayed there for almost a week. The company where I am working was recalled us but I told my sister to extend my vacation and tell the management about it.

It’s one of the memorable part of my teen’s life. I don’t have pictures, (it’s not possible for that time to have a handy camera) but the experience was so amazing. I don’t have any communication to all of them and the succeeding time I go there was not for Cristy anymore. Just the same, she is one of my treasured friend.  I hope I can see her again, the last time I heard was she is in Italy.

That’s Baguio and me.


One Response

  1. base?base?base!yipeee

    wow ang babait naman ng kapenpal mo.good for you.

    lalo kong namimiss ang pinas pag ganitong summer. :p

    thrice pa lang yata ako nakakapunta ng baguio.pero narating ko na ang sm baguio.walang aircon.ang lameeeggggg

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