Shame on you Chip Tsao!

How do you feel if you have read something that’s degrading your fellowmen? How do you react when you know there are somebody who insulted your brothers and sisters? I feel my ears burn with anger when I read about the article that this Chip Tsao written 2 days ago.

This Chinese National showed his arrogance and narrow-mindedness when he gave his so called “opinion” on HK Magazine last March 27, from a broadcast journalist, book author, columnist and former BBC reporter his subject “The War At Home” is inappropriate and disgusting as well.This is not the first time he swiped Filipino people especially Filipino women and here is the whole article.


Let’s get his message clearly, he claimed that his blood is boiling about the news. Mr. Tsao, you don’t know how many Filipino and intellectual people around the world who got their blood boiling with your article. You did not feel any shame telling the whole world how you treated people especially your Filipina household worker. Mr. Tsao, yes, because of poverty most of our fellowmen sell their labor force for yes, cheap labor in your country. But poverty is not a crime. And you know that we, FIlipino people are reliable and hardworking, and those are the reason why you hired her. But you see Mr. Tsao, you are so proud to tell the whole world that you treat your household companion as a wager slave, 16 hours a day for a cheap labor, shame on you Mr. Tsao.
We have different opinion about the Spratly issue. Let’s leave that to our government. But never will the Filipino people forgive you for insulting us. You have no single right to do that. We have dignity, and so your fellowmen. But we are dignified people. Not a slave, not a second rate citizen. May you rest in peace!

For those who want to see the original articles, this can no longer browse with original source. They deleted it already but I still include the clipping.


6 Responses

  1. I think dapat isispin natin kung ano talaga ang bansa natin, hindi ba lahat ng bansa sa mundo nagpapadala ang gobyerno natin ng DH? May punto si Chip dito and this is a wake up call for our government. On the other hand, si Mr. Chip at ang ibang mga Pinoy huwag natin lagyan ng connection ang pagiging DH ng mga Pinoy and the problem of Spratly Island claims.

    • that’s the main point Mr. Joe. Magkaibang isyu ung pinagsama. at ang bottom line lang ng sentimyento ng nakakarami ay yung panlalait niya at pagbubunton ng galit sa kanyang kasambahay. Tama ka sa puntong me malaking pagkukulang ang gobyerno natin sa pagdami ng DH. Masakit alng tanggapin na aapakan yung pagkatao natin ng ganun na lang.

  2. yes p**** i**** (tooot) mong chip tsao ka punta ka ng pinas ipapatikim ko sayo kung panu magalit ang mga taga mindanao!!!! damn u…

  3. yep…felt the same here, that sickass, kala mo kung sino, demonyo talaga mga singkit

  4. CHIP TSAO GO TO HELL!!! Daming intsik sa pinas pero wala namang komento sa kanila(nakikidnap lng!nyahaha!!).Its so sad to accept reality, talaga bang ganito na kagrabe ang sitwasyon ng pinas?.But Tsao you have no right to brand Philippines such,time will come china will be ruled by a chinese-filipino blood.. Comment on our corrupted politicians instead, by that you maybe honored not ridiculed…….

  5. you chip tsao,

    look at ur face on the mirror, are u perfect?
    ano ang masasabi mo kung ito and sasabihin ko sa inyong mga Inchik. Ano ang mai-contribute ng mga Inchik sa buong mundo!

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