Take a look what we did on Earth in Earth’s Day


Have you stopped for a while and assest yourself what contribution you did or doing on Earth? Mother Earth, Mother Nature, the one that gives all we need, from food, shelter, beautiful places, air we breath, what else can we ask for.

Tomorrow is Earth Day and I want to reflect things. How I wish I could still see those green virgin forest, the clean and fresh river that our foreparents swam before, the fresh air that still healthy in our lungs. These days  we seldom see those pictures again… only from old magazine and books.

Global warming is a serious issue we need to face and take action for. Smoke from vehicles and factories can lead ozone layer to become thin and we earthlings are expose to ultraviolet rays that is harmful to any living things. Illegal logging, careless mining, are the culprit of massive landslides and floods all over the world. Dumping of garbage, oil leakage from the sea vessels and dumping of toxic waste from factories are some of the causes why the sea became polluted that resulted to fish kill and evacuation of fishes from their original habitat.

landfillWe find using diapers so convenient but do you know that it takes 500 years to biodegrade in landfills? Imagine how many tons of diapers people are using everyday, all landfills will be full of diapers in no time. Lung cancer, asthma, cough, came mostly from smoking cigarettes but little we know that the cigarette butts we just flick anywhere took 12 years to decompose. The styropor we use when we are having take out foods will never ever biodegrade even forever.

These scenarios are just some of bad effects of neglecting our environment and it sooo alarming. How about our next generation? can they still see better things with the way we care for our environment now? Is this the way we are thanking Earth for caring us?

Do we need to be an environmentalist to have concern on Earth? we can do saving Earth in our own way, right there in our own house, here within ourselves.


1. By simply checking the condition of our car’s engine to ensure that it is not yet smoke belching.


2. By segregating our waste into 3 categories, bio-degredable, non bio-degradable and toxic.


3. By not dumping waste on rivers, sea and drainage.


4. By using reusable (cloth) napkin instead of disposable one.


5. By using reusable (cloth) diaper instead of disposable one.


6. By turning off electrical appliance when not in use like bulbs.

7. And hundreds of things to help our environment.

Some places are now using alternative energy like, thermal, wind, solar and now even energy from biodegradle waste. These are renewabele energy so it’s earth friendly and economically wise.

Many creative products are being made like mat and slippers from water lilies, bags and baskets from the foil of tetra pak.

Whatever we are doing please always think of our environment first. Is it safe and helpful to save the Earth? Are these things will benefited our next generations?

Please Let’s Us All Do Our Share of Taking Care Mother Earth.

Happy Earth Day Earthlings!


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  2. salamat sa mga paalaala….
    happy earth’s day kapatid!

  3. This blog’s where its happenning. Keep up the good work.

  4. Piercing reminders indeed. Medyo nauntog nga ako dun sa diapers kasi we do change for our bugoy around 4 times a day. Hmmm, magandang tanong din yan: ano kayang magandang alternative sa Huggies?

    • Sa US ang gaganda ng mga cloth diaper nila at ang daming features ha. siguro me mabibilhan din dito kasi talagang alarming na ung bunton ng mga diaper na di nalulusaw e

  5. Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

  6. Hi, good post. I have been thinking about this issue,so thanks for writing. I will definitely be subscribing to your site.

  7. Interesting article, nice design, i have bookmarked it for the future referrence

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  9. Interesting article, i will come back to your blog soon, best regards

  10. Super article / I will definitely come back again..

  11. salamat nagamit ko ito sa klase.. God bless let’s make mother earth alive!!!

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