Susan Boyle amazed Simon… and so the world

With more than 20 million hits on youtube, no doubt that Susan Boyle of Britain’s Got Talent is a phenomenal success. Who would ever thought that this simple looking lady with brain damaged at birth, will be leaving the judges a jaw-dropping reaction and the audience when she was just auditioning will be giving her a standing ovation.

susan-boyle-1This 47-year-old daughter of a coalminer has never been married and she lives alone with Pebbles, her cat. Susan Boyle had minor brain damaged because of lack of oxygen at birth, she suffered with learning difficulty and what you expect then, bullying as a child. She is a certified no boyfriend since birth and admitted that she has never been kissed. The only dream she had is to sing, she practiced her song in Britain’s Got Talent in front of her mirror and like any other performer at home, and she hold her hairbrush as a microphone. Now it seems that her dream has been realized with what she performed.

Let’s face it, she is not a star material, her hair is untamed, her plain-spoken manner, a real underdog in her field but let’s accept the fact that she is full of soul calming voice and the whole world is waiting for what she can show us in the future.

I watched her video for many times and I admit that I almost cry the first time I heard her sing her rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” and I feel that my hair were all standing. Whew! She was acted far from typical celebrity and that’s the thing that made her special.

We are judgmental at times; no woman can perform publicly unless she looks like Mariah Carey or Janet Jackson. It’s a “law” in showbiz to appear “sexy” at all times. Because of our appraisal to Susan Boyle, we may eliminate or minimize grinding when we see another “Susan” at the center stage and showing the best she can. She is indeed an eye opener to many with great emphasis on how beauty should be.

susan-boyle-2Thanks to Susan Boyle and let’s all hear her sing again, a song that will lift our soul but stepping our feet on the ground again.

See her video here


4 Responses

  1. i watched and watched the video a hundred times since its first upload in youtube…ang everytime i do watched it….emotions just soar high…
    there is something extraordinary in Susan….

  2. tama ka dun sana ung magic na ipinakita niya wag maglaho but as what you have said, she is indeed special

  3. Hi RFH – likewise, Susan captures me and millions of hearts as we try to peek into the Susan within us – our playful side, our capacity to weather public rejections, etc.

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