International Labor Day

History made its way when hundreds of thousands U.S. workers  in late 1900s rallied for an 8 hours work from 16 hours work before. They said that 8 hours are for working, 8 hours for family and another 8 hours for rest. They pressured the government and employers for an eight-hour workday.

1884 – Proclamation of the demand for eight-hour workday in the US.rally-3

Until now, many of such rallies took place all over the world for celebrating International Labor Day. In some countries particularly in developing countries, workers are not compensated enough to push them go out of their own country for a better living status.

rally-4Brain drain is rampant, skilled and professionals are dreaming of working abroad than serve their own countrymen. So sad but we can never blame them. Until our government is not taking action and create more jobs opportunities, we can still see millions of Filipino all over the world.

Servants of the World, a hurtful truth but it’s not a sin to wish for a financially rewarding status. They just want to explore all possibilities than wait for a chance that millions of Filipino are waiting.

High supply of working force and limited opportunities, what can we expect but a very cheap labor. Employers are well aware that if one worker will resign, 60 applicants are waiting in line to hire for that position.

Workers only want a living wage not a minimum wage. So if you see a rally disturbing your way on the road, give respect to them, they are just saying sentiments that even you will be benefited in the future.

Workers’ right is human right!


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