Do Plastic-Lined Diapers Really Impaired Male Fertility?


Issue of increasing male infertility is taking its toll, the question is focus whether do plastic-lined diapers impaired male fertility? Male reproductive health has getting worse in past decades. Some experts study proposed that an increased testicular temperature due to the use of disposable plastic-lined diapers in early childhood could be a significant aspect contributing to this decline.

It had long been advised to exchange their briefs for boxers in all the men having problems with fertility. This way, outer testicular temperature is able to decrease in hope of increasing their sperm count. Male fertility problem has driven these researchers to investigate. They theorize that increased testicular temperature especially during childhood because of plastic-lined diapers may be the reason for the infertility. They studied 48 healthy boys aged 0 to 4 weeks, 1 to 12 months, and 1 to 4.5 years range, to wear either plastic-lined or cloth diapers during each of two 24-hour study periods. Temperature was calculated and rectal temperatures were also recorded once during each study period.

The mean scrotal temperature was considerably lower through the periods of cotton diaper use than the temperature during the time of plastic-lined diaper use in all age groups. They recorded the difference between the scrotal and rectal temperatures were significantly higher during the periods of cotton diaper use compared with plastic-lined diaper use. Thus, the scientists concluded that a scrotal temperature increase may have a negative long-term effect on sperm production and testicular maturation. The evidence shows in adults’ study that exposure to high temperatures, like while in a sauna or during episodes of fever, can reduce sperm count, and it has been used as a form of contraception in some men. The following risk of adult infertility in boys whose testicles fail to descend at their normal age is also thought to be the cause of increased testicular temperature.

The researchers concluded that scrotal hypothermia (low temperature) is an important factor for normal production of sperm. This research shows that scrotal temperature, which closely reflects testicular temperature as well, is increased in boys wearing plastic-lined disposable diapers. The physiological testicular cooling mechanism is dulled and often totally eliminated during plastic diaper use.

babies on diapers

A notice to the public. This study received some media attention negatively and positively and may unnecessarily alarm parents/caretakers who use plastic-lined diapers. They are worried that the future fertility of their sons may endanger because of an increase in scrotal temperature. Be informed however, that no data exists on the effect of internal or even external temperature, during early childhood on sperm production and infertility after puberty. All of us do not know what the real effect is, if there is any that plastic-lined diapers may have on male fertility. It’s parents’ discretion for now to use or not to use these plastic-lined diapers on their children.


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