Healthy Ways to Unleash Your Anger


If we heard the word “anger” the first thing that comes to our mind is negative feeling, a negative emotion that often resulted to vicious actions. We are like a dragon that ready to throw fire. But there are many ways that anger can turn into positive outcome and productive results.

Here are some convincing reasons to give up anger:

1. Anger is a destructive emotion. Anger, in fact, is a healthy emotion but it can be destructive if you don’t know how to handle it.

2. You are the first person damaged by your anger. Holding out to your anger is like grasping a very hot coal and ready to throw to the subject of your anger, you are the one who gets burned.

3. Your actions done as a result of anger are likely to be irrational and hence harmful and not effective.   “Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you’ll ever regret.”

4. If you are carrying anger then you’re setting up barriers for yourself.   When you get angry you interfere with your creative and objective side to help you achieve your goals and purpose and as a result you don’t move forward.

5. Anger can ruin you physically and emotionally.   Don’t stay too long with your frustrations and disappointments because it can lead us to many physical problems such as hypersensitivity, irritability, and insomnia. Your emotional and social life can be affected too.

Feeling angry is not wrong after all, but when it leads a person to become destructive, either physically, verbally, or psychologically, then it becomes wrong. Anger can be useful in many ways. Here are some practical tips for turning your angry feelings into useful energy.

You must acknowledge your anger

Denying its existence is one of the unhealthiest responses to feelings of anger. If you do not allow your mind to acknowledge that angry feelings, your body will have to bear the burden. If you feel the blood rising to your head, your ears are getting that hot sensation, your stomach being tied in knots, your fists clenching, and your heart pounding, then admit to yourself that anger is hitting you.

Uncover the cause of your anger

What triggered your feeling is sometimes obvious: a trusted person lied at you, the toilet bowl was not flushed, or the result you expected never happened. Sometimes you need to dig deeply. Just be specific in naming the event that sent your blood boil.

Confide in someone you trust

Find somebody you can confide your feeling, someone that is objective about the situation and who are not afraid to be honest with you. But beware of somebody who just riles you up further and can fan your flames.

Take action to solve the issue that is frustrating you

First, determine if you have any control over the situation. If you don’t have any control, just letting go of the situation, and working on how you feel about it.

Do something to make your anger productive

If you have a yard, go outside and do yard work, gardening or do a hobby that you are passionate about like painting, drawing, or simply redesigning your room. You will feel great about the progress that you make.

Get physical

Get connected to your body, and channel your rage into an activity that can release tension. Exercise, dancing, and running are great examples.

Life is so short; don’t waste it being angry most of the time. Stay happy and make your anger productive. As the saying goes, “For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”

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  2. Thanks for sharing… 🙂 This is really helpful

  3. ewan, pero pag nagagalit kasi ako
    tahimik lang ako..

    at worse!!! – naluluha ako na parang batang inagawan ng kendi sa sobrang ANGEr

    ang panget di bagay. ahhahahaha

    siguro susuntok na lang ako sa pader pag galit.
    ? hehe

  4. wow…saludo na talaga ako sa iyo mare…..magtayo ka kaya ng information service? salamat ha!

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