Advantage and disadvantage of home based jobs

home-businessHome based or online jobs are booming internet business nowadays. You can be a freelance provider or you can be the boss. With the continuous access to internet, lots of opportunities are waiting for us to enjoy.

What are the advantages of working homebased?

1. You can choose the career you want. You can start internet business or be a provider but either way, the pressure is less and you can enjoy your own time working.

anytime2. You can work anytime you want. Some of us are day people and some are night people. If you have your online business, the time is yours to work at your best. If you are provider, lucky for you if your boss allows you to have time flexibility. Less pressure and you can enjoy your vacation very much.

jobs-anywhere3. You can work anywhere you want. When you have laptop, you can bring it to the place of your preference and enjoy the working atmosphere you desire as long as there is an internet connection.

family4. You can have quality time for your family. If you are working nine-to-five, chances are you wake up early and work until 6 pm or more then there is the traffic jam that leaves you exhausted and your kids are already asleep when you got home. With working home based, you can have all the time you want bonding your family.

comfort-of-homebased-jobs5. You can work in the comfort of your home. Where can you find jobs that there is no boss, no co-workers that are watching your shoulder all the time? You can work while eating, even you raise your feet, in front of TV, go to bathroom anytime you want. Nothing else but a homebased jobs.

online-cash-hand6. The opportunity and earnings are limitless. Your dedication, determination and time allocation will make you decide how much earning you will get.

Now, let’s talk about the disadvantages of working home. Though there are some, the positive sides are overwhelming.

1. If you used to work with a big company, you will miss the camaraderie of your co-workers. You may find all day working at computer quite boring. So it is important to have social life and outlet to neutralize your day.

2. Work uncertainty. You don’t know where the next paycheck came from and you don’t have benefits unlike ordinary workers get like paid holidays, pension, bonuses and hospital benefits.

3. Because you work many hours in front of computers, it’s a must that you have an exercise regimen. You may find your knees locking and there is a tendency to be obese if you are not aware of the proper diet.

Those were the things I find negative in working home. But it’s manageable, it’s only time management and lots of discipline to stay fit.

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9 Responses

  1. Add ko lang na sa bestjobs you also have to be selective when choosing an employer. Any offer that sounds too good to be true (“Earn 1000 dollars/wk”), or asks for a joining fee is a scam.

    1. check their email address (google it)
    2. check their postal address as well.
    3. don’t accept jobs with too little pay.
    A $1/hr rate is really not fair anymore in this economy.
    4. employers that are too ‘strict’ and ask you to
    NOT work for anybody else. Kaya nga freelancer walang boss!

    Thanks for the wonderful tips.

  2. That’s great Tues, sa buhaypenoy ko iaadd itong additional tips mo. miss you gurl.

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  4. sa wordpress ba puwede din maglagay nga ads?

    hehehehe gusto din kumita Nyahahhaa 😀

    • alam mo mukhang pwede e me need lang yata na plug ins kasi nakikita ko sa youtube. Me problema lang ung Adsense account ko kaya di ko pa naaayos. Kapag nauna ka bigyan mo ko ng tips ha.

  5. Yeah, we need to be careful for us to avoid scams. And there are lots of ways to avoid it like genuine job offers don’t ask for sample works and so on and so forth.

    As time passes by, a newbie in the Internet trade would master the do’s and dont’s.

    Spread the wonderful news of working online. Many people needs it.

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  7. online jobs are many but most of them does not pay well enough so choose an online job well ~`~

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