Freelance Work At Home – A Starter Tips for Applying Jobs

wahjHaving a work at home job can be a great opportunity to earn money.  Some small entrepreneurs use sites to supplement their income and attract new clients. Freelance work at home allows many different opportunities. You can be a data entry encoder or a content writer. Whatever your situation you are in right now, surely you want to win jobs you apply for.

But not all freelance providers became successful in this field. There are some factors that separate professionals who get jobs from those who don’t. Let’s talk about this.

Customize your proposal

1) Always customize your proposal. A customized proposal demonstrates that you take time reading and understanding the job description. If you want to apply for a better job, specify your resume to match the job. When a freelance provider submits a customized proposal it tells possible employers she is more likely to spend the time it takes to do a quality job.

2) Your bid is a sales letter. Those who are credible in their proposals are far more likely to win jobs than those who do not. If you are not an expert in sales letter writing, don’t be depressed and lose hope. Majority of freelancers are like you. ‘I can do that; please contact me and here is my number” is one of the saleable line. Even a small effort at writing a convincing proposal will make you stand out in a crowd of applicants.

3) Always provide samples of your work. Providing pertinent examples to the job you are applying for will made the buyer think you are ready to work with them. They will know your potential with the example you will provide them. Employers want to verify your skill and it makes you saleable.

4) Provide good communication. Good communication always starts with providing multiple ways for a potential employer to contact you. You can provide the conventional methods such as email address and phone number, and also add your instant messenger information. Most of the employer wants to conduct brief interview through instant messaging, with that, you are one step ahead with other applicants.

5) Follow up your application. If you haven’t received a reply yet, contacting them again is the best thing to do. It is much better if you can still provide new samples of your work. Employers often take consideration for those who follow up their application. This is very vital when you are trying to differentiate yourself from tons of applicants.

6) Show confidence. If you have the skill that is needed for the jobs you are applying for, show confidence in yourself. Never ever beg, it’s unprofessional and don’t bid wages far less than your worth. Your portfolio is the only key that makes employer begs to hire you.

The key for bidding for freelancing jobs is to prove you will provide quality work within time requirements and money budgets.


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  1. Thanks for this great post – I will be sure to check out your blog more often

  2. waw naman… ang daming panuto!!

    ipapaprint ko to

    para maging pointers ko
    kung sakaling lilipat ako ng trabaho.!

    pagpapraktisan ko muna good communication ko.
    hanggang sa muli!

  3. Sure boss at good luck po

  4. Thanks for those brilliant ideas you shared. Those are very effective ways to land a job specially for a fresh starter work at home.

  5. This is great information. I’m starting to get story ideas zooming in my head.

  6. they i think your provide great information which the people are looking for.

  7. Thanks for your great ideas and tips. Good checklist for job bidding.

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