Setting Good Example – They Become Who You Are



Most parents worry a lot about their children’s behavior. How their kids are behaving and treating other people. I know you sometimes get caught in an embarrassing situation because they are being reprimanded by his/her teacher.

Then you wonder how it can be prevented and where you went wrong. “Did I truly set a good example for my kids? Is it too late to do changes?

The most influential person on our kids’ personality

When they are young, parents are the most influential persons on children. They spend most of their time with their parents from the time they are born. They observe us and learn everything about us. They listen to our voices and watch our actions and often mimicking them. At that young age, parents are their role models and it is our obligation to set forth the best example we possibly can for them. They will act as they see mommy and daddy acting.

Parents should remember the following advices:

  • Don’t use abusive language in front of children –If parents use disrespectful language around their kids, then the children will eventually begin to repeat what they hear. They mimic what they hear. It’s but natural to sometimes lose your temper, or say things you shouldn’t, let out a few swear words if you can’t help it, and so forth. But you must to draw a line at what you feel is acceptable.
  • Never promise what you cannot do – You are a role model, your integrity matters most to your kids. They will value every promise and they will become a better person honoring their every word.
  • Be firm and polite while talking – Reprimanding and shouting them all the time will not help a little. Talking with them politely even they do something out of control is the best way you can do.
  • Practice What You Preach – You can lecture your kids all their lives, but what they really remember is your actions. Telling them that smoking is bad, yet they see you puffing away are a truly absurd thing. You demand respect and yet don’t offer much back in return – you cannot insist them to respect you, respect is earned.
  • Spend Time with Children  – This part seems a little complicated for most parents especially when they are both working. But quality time doesn’t mean to spend longer time with your children. You need both of them of course, but if spending longer time with your kids is not possible, make it a quality time them.
  • Being perfect is impossible – Don’t try to pretend you are perfect; it will just result in frustration, lies, and worst, boring life! Don’t worry about your kids see your weaknesses every once in a while, or even that you make mistakes. It teaches your kids to accept their fault and weaknesses and make appropriate changes.

family play2

Setting good example with your kids especially if they are still living at your home is never too late, and even if they are living independently, you can still set a good example. Bear in mind that they will become who you are so you better make a good footprint for them to follow.


4 Responses

  1. one factor ang pag accompany ng parents kapag kumakain sa hapag kainan sa kanilang mga anak.
    malaki naitutulong nun paramis.

    i lilista ko sa steno yang mga yan.
    lalo na mga advices for parents

    para naman maging handa ako pagdating ng panahon..

    salamat redfieryheart!!!!!!

  2. nagbabalik…..
    isang importante factor sa paghubog ng mga bata ay ang halimbawa ng mga significant perons nila sa pamilya…in this case ang mga magulang…tama ang lahat ng mga bagay nashare mo blog na ito….

  3. Thank you for this very practical tips RFH. Mabuhay ka…

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