International Women’s Day – A day to remember

March 8  and history of International Women’s Day

All women regardless of race and cultural boundaries are now celebrating International Women’s Day. This is an occasion when all women from different countries come together to celebrate the global success of women. Let us all look back to a tradition where decades of struggle for equality, social justice, freedom and democracy were succeeded.

International history

The first National Women’s Day was first observed on February 28, 1908, across the United States. This is in harmony with the declaration by the Socialist Party of America. It was more than century ago but the spirit is still lingered and the triumphant victory was being celebrated all over the world.

The most noted event happened on March 25, 1911, when the tragic “Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire” in New York City and took the lives of 146 working women. It was devastating because of the terrible working condition where the door was locked because the employer did not want them to go home and rest. Most of them were Italian and Jewish immigrants. That horrible tragedy drew considerable attention on working conditions and became the focus of subsequent International Women’s day events in the US. 1911 also gave birth to women’s Bread and Roses campaign. Bread for livelihood while roses for better quality of life.

In March 11, 1984, the awareness of Filipino women was united when GABRIELA was formed. It was established to continue the militant and nationalist character of women’s movement in the Philippines. The group name was derived after Gabriela Silang, the wife of famous Katipunan revolutionary Diego Silang. GABRIELA leads the Filipino women’s struggle against social inequities and social injustice.

Indoor rally performance

Even labor groups celebrated this day, I still remember the time when I was the chairperson of IWS Women’s Committee. Every year there are activities like pinning purple ribbons whole day and women’s education and orientation, aside from the annual women’s rally that being held in either Angeles City or national mobilization somewhere in NCR.

I missed those days, but I never stop remembering and saluting all women in the world.

Happy Women’s Day and justice respect for women all over the world!

Stop violence against women (VAW)


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