The Benefits and drawbacks of being a Freelance Provider

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In response to economic and technological changes, advanced workers and many U.S. and European employers are now seeking for employment alternative. As a result, they are creating more opportunities for independent contractors or freelance worker than ever before.

In recent years, Internet has opened up not only social changes but also many freelance opportunities for its available market. The internet created the development of a wide-ranging online community of freelance providers and potential clients as well. They can find work easily while choosing their own hours and another bonus is living wherever they want.  With just a set of computer and a reliable internet connection, working freelance at home became possible.

But what is a freelance job actually means?
A freelancer worker or most commonly known as a freelancer is a self-employed person who sells services to employers (or buyers) without a long-term commitment to any of them and could be hired for a given task.

Why freelance job became a threat?

Today, much of the computer-based freelance work is being outsourced to poorer countries (especially ASEAN countries) because of cheap labor. Whether we like it or not, this scheme is not beneficial and became a threat to American and European workers.  They are now more prone to unemployment   or lower salary rates because outsourcing jobs to other countries are more of a bargain.

Freelancing job has been common in the areas of writing, advertising, marketing, ITs and BPO (business process outsourcing).

Benefits and drawback of being a freelance provider

Flexibility is one aspect that is very challenging for a freelance job. They are free to set their own time and rules of business. Being “your own boss” sounds appealing and it’s enjoyable to not having to answer to a supervisor’s demand. You can choose a place to stay or work wherever you want. But being a freelancer requires tremendous discipline and self-motivation. Working at home is prone to additional stresses and if not managed properly, could become a hindrance and resulted to a non-productive working atmosphere.

The biggest drawback of working independently is the uncertainty of work and of course income. The lack of company benefits unlike regular workers such as health insurance, pension, paid holidays, 13th month pays and bonuses.

Working freelance is not applicable for everyone. If you like challenges and have an adventurous and entrepreneurial mind, then working as a freelance provider might be right for you. But if you are the type of person who likes predictability and don’t want ever-changing working condition, then a regular job best suits you.


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