United Nations Organization Scam

Email scam

Don't let this happen to you

I have received so many scams emails from the past years and months and I want to share them to you to save as warning especially to those new in internet browsing. My friend has been scammed before and I want to help him disseminate info to avoid others being victims of scammers.

Here’s one:

How are you today?

You have be compensated with the total sum of 900,000.00GBP by the
UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION.Note that your compensation award prize will
be send to you via Western Union Money Transfer and we already sent you
5000.00 GBP through Western union as we have been given the mandate to
transfer your full compensation payment of  900,000.00GBP via Western
union by this government.

I called to give you the information through phone yesterday and this
morning but all to no vain. Have decided to email you the MTCN and sender
name so that you can pick up this 5000.00 to enable us send another
5000.00 by tomorrow as you knows we will be sending you only 5000.00 per

Please pick up this information and run to any western union in your
country to pick up the 5000.00 and send us email back to send you another
payment tomorrow and see below is the information details.

MTCN : 622 155 4897
Sender””””s Frist Name:EMILY
Sender””””s Last Name: JOHNSON
Country: Nigeria
Question: Prize
Answer: Compensation
Amount: 5000.00 GBP

Ensure to keep us posted as soon as you pick up this 5,000 GBP

Mrs.Linda Hall

I browse the net and the same exact email has been sent to many.

Be keen not to fall on this scam.

There will be many scam notes to come.


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