Stress – Know What Distress and Eustress Are

Eliza Tam, Platinum Author

What is stress?

Stress is already a part of our daily living. Since the beginning the early history, it has been experienced by every human. Maybe the levels changed as time goes by but no one escape from it. Before, the concerns of early people are revolving on how to secure food and how to maintain the needs of their family or how to keep safe from the dangerous animals. While today, our main concern is on how to cope up with fast tracks of life. We are always thinking how to beat our competition, how to excel in the eyes of our annoying employer and how to give better life for our family. Nevertheless, these situations are all stressful.

Know the two forms of stress

Distress – this is the common one and it is the constant feeling of being plagued, demoralized, and behind in our schedules and tasks. It is the persistent sense of being overwhelmed by so many things to do but there is no time for relief or relaxation.

Eustress – this is the other form of stress that is actually healthy and beneficial. This kind of stress allows us to keep with the challenges of everyday life and makes it meaningful, it also counterbalance boredom. Eustress can cause the adrenalin rush to use and to lend the essential energy for highest productivity. This feeling are being associated to situation such as being “charged” as you organized in advance a long term paper before its due date or the sensation you experience when you anticipated something wonderful

Remember that your personal insight is the key for knowing which category a circumstances falls under. What is recognized as negative stress for individual may be experienced as positive stress for another.


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  1. There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.
    Keep working ,great job!

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