How to Cope Up With A Stressful Situation

Eliza Tam, Platinum Author

Why am I feeling stress?

We are feelings stress because it’s our body’s nature to defend itself. This natural feeling is good especially in emergencies, like when you are getting out of the way of a falling object or avoiding being hit by speedy car. Although it’s good but stress when goes on for so long can cause negative effect to our health and create uncomfortable physical symptoms. We are always experiencing it when facing everyday challenges

When stress overwhelmed us, it created antagonistic reaction than being mentioned above. Instance is you rather just sit down instead of getting out of the way of speedy vehicle. The usual symptoms of stress are feeling afraid, anxious, uptight and worried accompanied most of the time by sick stomach feeling.

Here is what to do to deal with stress

· Stop worrying about things you have no control of like weather.

· Try solving little problems and by doing this will give you a controlled feeling.

· In a stressful situation like a job interview, relax and prepare your best.

· Don’t be afraid of changes, it’s natural and don’t treat it like a threat.

· Try to open up a counselor, family member or friend you can trust.

· Don’t try to be perfect all the time, set only realistic goals at work and at home.

· Exercise regularly and get enough sleep.

· Eat regular and well-balanced meals.

· Try to meditate. Silence and relaxation often help to lessen your stress.

· Be active in not so stressful activities such as social events, sports or hobbies.

Exercise is one of the best ways to deal with stress. It is a healthy way to alleviate your unexpressed tension and energy. Exercise not just helps you get in better shape, but also makes you feel better overall.


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  1. thanks for a simple article. Had been very stressful lately

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