How Massage Therapy Helps With Sleep Disorders

Many people suffer sleep disorders and they are very common. Most of them take medications and they don’t realize that one way to help improve their sleep is massage therapy can.

How Can Massage Help You Sleep?

It is a mother instinct that if your child couldn’t sleep, you would probably pat rub their back or stroke the child’s head and s/he fall asleep. Massage is a natural way to calm and relax us.

Massage helps us relax

We all have an autonomic nervous system consists of two parts and they are the sympathetic and parasympathetic. The parasympathetic is the one who balances the sympathetic thus, when you receive a massage, the parasympathetic is stimulated and therefore allows our body to relax. When stress hits you, the sympathetic nerve is activated and this is the instance that you feel the urge to fight or escape. So if you are not sleeping very well because of stress and tension, you might be glad to know that massage therapy can improve your sleep patterns. You will experience after having a massage that you feel very sleepy or sometimes you will fall asleep.

What are the common sleep disorders?

Any sleep disorder can critically affect your health and quality of life, whether you are suffering from sleep apnea, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome, or the most common one, the insomnia.

Massage Therapy and Sleep

Several researches have shown that massage therapy is not only decreased headaches and lower back pain, but also helped individuals lessened their depression and anxiety and sleep better. Also, studies showed that patients were experienced improved quality and quantity of sleep patterns unlike those who are only into relaxation exercises.

Don’t let insomnia ruin your quality of life, ask for professional massage therapist help to improve your sleeping pattern and lessen your stress and anxieties.


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