Filipino OFW 48ers

I started chatting only October Last year (2007) and like many starter chatters I encounter many funny experience, from simply asking what asl means (coz I started as ZERO in chatroom) until eventually I learned some basic internet lingo. A chatmate intoduced me to try joining the chatroom for they have many activities that I surely like, like singing etc. I incidentally end up in Filipino OFW 48, because it is almost Filipino there so I never had a hard time communicating in our local language which is tagalog. I enjoyed listening to whoever singing there and started to chat as if I belong. I remember, I was only 3 days staying there when Cass (the moderator of OFW 48) noticed me and asking me to join their upcoming EB then (last December). Because I am not yet a member of the 48ers I feel very proud, I say yes and last December 11, she finally let me join her site and became a certified 48ers. Until then, my loyalty is in this chatroom. I attended three of their EB gathering (although one with sis beauty is not officially called EB) I am glad I had this friends even though it started in chatroom, I know I can count on them too. And for you guys, I am here and you can count me in every time.

WIth this chatroom, I am happy to kmeet some of them and knowing Rizza (badgirl of 48) and her best friend Mj is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Sis Beauty, Mia, tere, Mark, sean, melai, simang, maffi, abby and many many more. Nice meeting you guys. I am looking forward meeting the two moderator next year, Sis Cass and our bunso MJ.

So come on and join us here in OFW 48, (but booter please find another room) and enjoy the antics and type 48 to sing.


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