Monasterio De Tarlac

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Monasterio De Tarlac is a popular tourist destination in Lubigan, San Jose, Tarlac, Philippines. It is a monastery on top of Mount Resurrection and has a thirty-foot Statue of the Risen Christ that overlooking the hilly side of the province.

Risen Christ 2

The Brief History

By Rev. Fr. Moses Angelo, SRC

“It is only when we realized that God’s plan is the “only plan” after many plans been tried and yet failed thus all things are arranged according to His will and design.  Rev. Fr. Ronald “Archie” Thomas A. Cortez of Bamban, Tarlac, a newly installed pastor in Diocesan Shrine of St. Therese Ramos, Tarlac, received the instruction by his ordinary bishop to have further studies in Rome.  But days before his departure, a group of young men, sought his assistance and discernment in living a life of silence, prayer, contemplation and adoration following the spirituality of the Risen Christ.  The Servants of the Risen Christ Monastic Community an apostolic-contemplative community of religious men who consecrated themselves to a life of prayer and work (Ora et Labora).  The charism of the new congregation is to give hope to the hopeless; an Easter message of hope and joy.  The New congregation officially received the diocesan blessing and approval from their bishop-protector, Most Reverend Florentino F. Cinense, bishop of the Diocese of Tarlac, on September 14, 1998, on the feast of the Triumph of the Cross. Ramos town became the cradle of the SRC Community.”


The Relic of the True Cross

Monasterio De Tarlac is not only famous for its colossal statue of the Risen Christ but for the Relic of the True Cross that enshrined inside the chapel.

After the Pilgrim’s mass, the Shrine will be opened for those who like to view and touch the Holy Relic. Monks will assist everyone for this event.


Peaceful…that is the only word I can say every time I visit the monastery…peaceful in silence…


The Oldest Sky Walker So Far

The Oldest Sky Walker So Far


Kung kayo ay magagawi sa Cebu to visit this place, alam natin na parang kulang ang adventure ngayon dun kapag di ka man lang nakasubok kahit alin sa Crown Regency Hotel and Towers ng Sky Walk, Edge Coaster at ang kinababaliwang Zip line nila.

Noong unang araw na balakin naming subukan ang adventure na ito ay ayaw ng inang ko na sumama at baka di na daw niya kayanin yung lula kaya di naming siya pinilit…but knowing her alam kong kakayanin niya sa kabila ng kanyang edad na 76 y/o, malakas ang loob niya at alam kong magiging highlight un ng kanyang Cebu adventure kaya ng isinama namin siya, di namin ipinaalam na dun kami pupunta at di ko na siya binigyan ng pagkakataong tumutol pa na subukan iyon.

Simpleng package lang ang kinuha namin, ang Extreme Sky walk adventure. Ang ride ay P300/each at ang entrance ay P250 kasama na ang isang token mula sa kanila. Para sa gustong subukan ang Edge Coaster ride ito ay P300 din at ang Zip line nila ay P600 naman (labas ang entrance fee). Ang dilemma lang ay di nila pinapayagan ang camera sa loob dahil exclusive sa kanilang photographer lang un at ang bayad ng bawat isang letratong mapili ninyo ay P230 (whew medyo mahal hehe).Hindi mo naman mapayagang di ka kukuha ng kahit isa lang dahil anong saysay ng adventure na ito na wala ka man lang mabitbit na “ibidinsiya”, so ung apat na letratong napili namin ay halos P1000 na din ang halaga.

Bawal ang nakasandals o tsinelas lang pero wag mag-alala, me libreng pagamit ng sapatos pero kailangan lang bumili ng medyas for hygiene purposes.

inang at skywalker

Tinanong ko kung ilang taon ang pinakamatandang sumubok ng Sky walk adventure at ang sabi ng aming guide ay 75 y/o daw at 2 linggo pa lang ang nakakaraan (di nga lang confirm kung babae o lalaki dahil ibang guide daw ang nag-assist). Natuwa akong labis dahil nalampasan ng inang ko ung record at sa ngayon siya ang pinakamatandang sumubok sa Skywalk adventure.

Game na game din sa posing si mader at kitang-kita ko yung yabang niya at tuwa sa karanasang iyon lalo at may kasamang certificate ito. Tatagal ng hanggang sa 15 minuto ang nasabing adventure hindi dahil sa malayo ang lalakaran kundi dahil sa mga paghinto upang kumuha ng larawan ang photographer. Narito ang ilang kuha mula dito.




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Hanggang sa muling adventure!

Holy Week and all of escapades

Catholic church and devotees are celebrating Holy Week yearly. This is the week that most people find their reunion with their faith more than ever. Time for fasting, repentance and rituals. Let’s take a look how these important days are being celebrated in the Philippines.

YOUNG WOMAN RECEIVES MARK OF ASHESIt began with Ash Wednesday where devotees are having a mark on their forehead a cross mark out of ash by priests or designated church personnel.

palaspasThen the Palm Sunday. Where the churhgoers attending mass and where the palm they had was being blessed. Many people believe that having a blessed palm in their house brings luck and they are safe from being hit by thunder storms.

pabasa1We can still see many passion readers especially in the province. By 3 pm Holy Monday, the readers or rather the singers starting to sing passion in different melodies. Because many singers are youth, you can hear melodies in contemporary tunes, melodies from modern songs and for some, even rap.

palo-likodPenitentiaries were there too in different forms. there are some who walk barefooted while  hitting their own back with a bundle of stick. Their backs are usually slash by blade or a piece of broken glass, their face are covered with black cloth.

pasang-krusCarry your cross. This reenactment of Jesus Christ carrying cross is being done by many devotees. They carry a wooden cross, barefooted and going to different church.

Philippines CrucifixionNailed in the cross. This is a painful way of penitential form. The devotees are literally being nailed in the cross. Pampanga is one of the province that are popular with this kind of sacrifice.

Church visit. Maundy Thursday is the day that many people are visiting churches, 7 churches actually. They are listening to mass of every church they visited.

morionesMarinduque is famous for the Moriones Festival. People were costumed in the era of Poncius Pilate where they beheaded “Longhino” for telling everyone that the Christ was born again.

Easter Sunday is quite festive in some places. The “Salubong” (Meeting) of our Lord and Mother Mary  happen. Thousands of people are attending this ritual. For some malls, the activity of hunting eggs are still alive where different color and designs were made for the eggs with of course, some treats for the youngsters.

For busy buddies, they find time to relax with this little long vacation. They go to beaches and places that were cool like Baguio and Tagaytay.

But whatever you choose to celebrate the occasion, let’s find time to meditate and renew our faith to our Lord. It doesn’t matter if we are Catholic or not.

Summer and Baguio

tweety11It can never denied, summer is long here, whew for the super hot and humid temperature. Few minutes outside and your sweat are enormous. Here in the Philippines, summer always associated with beaches and of course Baguio City.

image0571I first set foot on this city when I was just 17 years old. I already have job then and we have a long vacation. That time, no cellphones yet, it’s just the old ways of writing letters, in short, penpal method. With Cristy, my old friend and her classmates there in Baguio who used to penpal me then, I gathered some money and lot of courage (lol) to go there. I was working in Caloocan by that time and it took a 6-hour drive going to Baguio. With addresses in my note, I found Joan, Cristy’s lesbian friend and stayed to their place for a night. The day after, Joan brought me to the UB gym where they meet for the graduation practice. Later she introduced me to my other penpals and set a surprise for Cristy. When they saw her coming, they requested me to turn my back, even Cristy didn’t know I was coming to meet them.

image066When finally I face her, Cristy was teary-eyed and surprised. She can’t believe I was there, she embraced me and she was crying. How can I forget that scene? Cristy brought me to their house and I meet her family. I met some of them before because at one time, Cristy’s brother was our tenant. I stayed there for almost a week. The company where I am working was recalled us but I told my sister to extend my vacation and tell the management about it.

It’s one of the memorable part of my teen’s life. I don’t have pictures, (it’s not possible for that time to have a handy camera) but the experience was so amazing. I don’t have any communication to all of them and the succeeding time I go there was not for Cristy anymore. Just the same, she is one of my treasured friend.  I hope I can see her again, the last time I heard was she is in Italy.

That’s Baguio and me.

I miss this Lion’s Head

Since Kennon road was no longer passable to busses and Heavy trucks, the Lion’s head seems impossible now to see if you are not riding your own car or van or your friend’s van.

Lhony and I at Lion's head

Lhony and I at Lion's head

Last February 21, Lhony (my net friend) and her partner Marvin fetched me here in Luisita and I go with them all the way to Baguio. Actually, I am the one who insisted to join their rides. There is no way we and Lhony can talk personally if I will not go with them. They road testing Marvin’s car and with Marvin’s permission of course, I joined them.

what a pose lol!I am bit surprised to know that Marvin is a conversationalist, knows many things without making you feel he is bragging himself, so our more than 5 hours drive was never been boring.  After late lunch with Isdaan in Gerona, Tarlac, we continue to travel and to our delight, we took Kennon road.

I have been in Baguio many times but only few occasions that I see the Lion’s head. We took pics there. I borrowed my nephew’s MP5, I took many angles of Lion’s head. But to my dismay yesterday, when I save the pics in my pc, for whatever reason, it never saved. I deleted it already from MP5 and it was not in recycle bin.

Thanks to Lhony and she shared some pics for me to share with you.

Lhon and Marvin

Lhon and Marvin

We are one of the people there, promise

We are one of the people there, promise

I was in Baguio for only less than 3 hours. We arrived there at past 6 p.m. and after we fetched Loralie (Lhony’s friend) in Teacher’s camp, we proceed to the hotel where Marvin had an earlier reservation. After that, we ate dinner and I bid goodbye. I don’t want to be a hassle and baggage for the two of them. At about 9 p.m. I am on my way home.