How Technology and High Tech Computer Gadgets Affect Our Lives

Only few people are not familiar on using computers, cell phones and internet but majority of population is going crazy over the latest technology invention and gadgets that few years ago seems only a dream.

Tablets Android

Tablets Android

Technology is no doubt the energy that runs in every veins of society and drives our lives. It is about being innovative and creative and it transforms ideas into reality that helps our human life. High tech computer gadgets and technology also brought pride to us and beneficial to all persons. Automation through technology saved our valuable time and effort to maximum level. Information is now easy to achieve and through easy communication can brought distant places much closer.

With the help of high-tech gadgets, household chores are now easier and made us productive than ever. It allows us to do the same activities with less time thus allows us to do other things. The advancement in terms of technology also helps measure the economic and social growth of a nation.

The most amazing technological gadget is no other than a mobile phone. Telecommunication industry has been revolutionized because of cellular communication. From conventional phone to now famous smartphones have broadened the extent of communication. Today, it is not only limited for us to make long distance calls but also it can be used to surf the net.

It is really amazing how computer technology together with high tech computer gadgets have changed the face of the world and it is increasing rapidly. Internet is now the most valuable tools for communication and the leading source of information nowadays.  Moreover, internet has brought an important positive change that is very helpful to the entertainment and advertising industry. Prospective buyers can now easily reach out over the net with just a blink of an eye and marketers can now interactive with them and it is indeed an effective advertising campaigns.

No argue about it, technology has improved our lives and if we use it in right direction, it will keep on improving. We have our responsibility to structure it in such a way that it can benefit the society and will not destroy our. We need to use the technology in a balance way that automation and taking care of our environment so our Mother Nature cannot be destroyed.

I found eco-friendly gadgets on one of the sites I browse few days ago. I became fascinated to the solar charger first and when I browse the site I found out that lots of affordable cool gadgets are available such as blutooth wireless headphones, USB that looks like credit cards or pens and even Tablets android.

You can also visit and see for your self!!


Advantage and disadvantage of home based jobs

home-businessHome based or online jobs are booming internet business nowadays. You can be a freelance provider or you can be the boss. With the continuous access to internet, lots of opportunities are waiting for us to enjoy.

What are the advantages of working homebased?

1. You can choose the career you want. You can start internet business or be a provider but either way, the pressure is less and you can enjoy your own time working.

anytime2. You can work anytime you want. Some of us are day people and some are night people. If you have your online business, the time is yours to work at your best. If you are provider, lucky for you if your boss allows you to have time flexibility. Less pressure and you can enjoy your vacation very much.

jobs-anywhere3. You can work anywhere you want. When you have laptop, you can bring it to the place of your preference and enjoy the working atmosphere you desire as long as there is an internet connection.

family4. You can have quality time for your family. If you are working nine-to-five, chances are you wake up early and work until 6 pm or more then there is the traffic jam that leaves you exhausted and your kids are already asleep when you got home. With working home based, you can have all the time you want bonding your family.

comfort-of-homebased-jobs5. You can work in the comfort of your home. Where can you find jobs that there is no boss, no co-workers that are watching your shoulder all the time? You can work while eating, even you raise your feet, in front of TV, go to bathroom anytime you want. Nothing else but a homebased jobs.

online-cash-hand6. The opportunity and earnings are limitless. Your dedication, determination and time allocation will make you decide how much earning you will get.

Now, let’s talk about the disadvantages of working home. Though there are some, the positive sides are overwhelming.

1. If you used to work with a big company, you will miss the camaraderie of your co-workers. You may find all day working at computer quite boring. So it is important to have social life and outlet to neutralize your day.

2. Work uncertainty. You don’t know where the next paycheck came from and you don’t have benefits unlike ordinary workers get like paid holidays, pension, bonuses and hospital benefits.

3. Because you work many hours in front of computers, it’s a must that you have an exercise regimen. You may find your knees locking and there is a tendency to be obese if you are not aware of the proper diet.

Those were the things I find negative in working home. But it’s manageable, it’s only time management and lots of discipline to stay fit.

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I miss this Lion’s Head

Since Kennon road was no longer passable to busses and Heavy trucks, the Lion’s head seems impossible now to see if you are not riding your own car or van or your friend’s van.

Lhony and I at Lion's head

Lhony and I at Lion's head

Last February 21, Lhony (my net friend) and her partner Marvin fetched me here in Luisita and I go with them all the way to Baguio. Actually, I am the one who insisted to join their rides. There is no way we and Lhony can talk personally if I will not go with them. They road testing Marvin’s car and with Marvin’s permission of course, I joined them.

what a pose lol!I am bit surprised to know that Marvin is a conversationalist, knows many things without making you feel he is bragging himself, so our more than 5 hours drive was never been boring.  After late lunch with Isdaan in Gerona, Tarlac, we continue to travel and to our delight, we took Kennon road.

I have been in Baguio many times but only few occasions that I see the Lion’s head. We took pics there. I borrowed my nephew’s MP5, I took many angles of Lion’s head. But to my dismay yesterday, when I save the pics in my pc, for whatever reason, it never saved. I deleted it already from MP5 and it was not in recycle bin.

Thanks to Lhony and she shared some pics for me to share with you.

Lhon and Marvin

Lhon and Marvin

We are one of the people there, promise

We are one of the people there, promise

I was in Baguio for only less than 3 hours. We arrived there at past 6 p.m. and after we fetched Loralie (Lhony’s friend) in Teacher’s camp, we proceed to the hotel where Marvin had an earlier reservation. After that, we ate dinner and I bid goodbye. I don’t want to be a hassle and baggage for the two of them. At about 9 p.m. I am on my way home.

Link your oDesk card to your Paypal account and be verified

Whew! after so many attempts and opening of new bank accounts, at last I am now a verified Paypal user. I have been in oDesk since July last year and always transacting business with my oDesk card thru Payoneer without knowing that I can use my oDesk Card to verify my Paypal account too.

Here’s how:

1. Make sure that your oDesk card has load of at least $2.

2. Go to and create an account.

3. Link your oDesk card to be verified

4. Follow the procedure and wait for the Paypal code that you can see in your Payoneer account.

5. Go to Payoneer and click view transaction (in the left corner.)

6. You can see your 4-digit Paypal code right under the Merchant name.

7. Go back to Paypal and click the the “insert Paypal code”.

8. Insert the code and you are now a verified member of Paypall!

If you still have problems in verifying your Paypal account. You can go and talk to Mr. Ping of Paymanila for help. This guy is really cool and he can help you dealing with your Paypal.Try their game promo now and be verified with them.

here is the email address:

Hope it will help all the oDesk card users.

The Agony of Departing Loved Ones

It was all started in MJ’s YM status stating that she is not feeling well and just leave a message if it is important. The usual worry creeps on my spine. MJ is still recovering from a disease and we don’t want any sickness hit her again. I sent her a message asking how she is feeling and she immediately say she has colds.

And then she started talking about her nanay. At first I thought she was about to tell jokes again, because her mom is mama and not nanay to her. Later I found out that it was her nannny. She said that her nanay has about 5 days to live. Shocked by the truth that she knows exactly the day, then she said it’s because of the morphine she injected with her. She went to euthanasia (commonly known as mercy killing). The procedure that MJ hated most. It was only a week ago when her nanny was being hit by a viral infection that severely damage her lungs. She is drowning with the fluid that her lungs produce. MJ and her father were outnumbered by the doctors who wanted to give the poor lady the poison that can kill her immediately. She was furious, and why not, she just want 24 hours for her nanny so they can talk to each other for the last time. But to no avail, the doctors still initiated the murderous procedure.

She was devastated, I know how she love her nanny far more than her own mom. She is the only person MJ feel that she is being loved and the one she is getting her strength too. MJ though came from a prominent family and the only child, prefer to live alone and have her own life. Her nanny sacrifice a lot for her too. She decided to stay with her than her own children that almost disowned her because of her loyalty and love to MJ. I don’t know what amount of encouraging words can ease her pain. I know that the best thing to do is acceptance and letting go, but we know that not all the best is what makes us happy. She is so helpless and frustrated because she can’t do anything with the situation. She is in the denial stage, a part of healing process. And it is not going to end in just a matter of day, every passing day is a torture and it ripped my heart too.

Rush of emotions engulfed me, my tears are continuously flowing while we are chatting. I feel her pain deeply. I can’t see the screen anymore, I just type and say what I mean.  MJ is still a child in a 27-year-old fine gorgeous lady. She is so smart and yet so innocent. I call her “sosyalerang promdi” because of the truth that she brought up by her nanny in a value of semi old fashion style. The value that until now, even when she is living in a first world country Canada, has a good moral etiquette. I feel helpless too that we are not there  to comfort her. We just try for her to feel that despite of the distance, we are always be there for her.

Last night she finally said the ultimate bad news, her nanny just passed away. The poor lady can’t take the dose of morphine that injected to her. She didn’t last for another days. within 24 hours of initiation she finally gave in. MJ gathered all her strength to give her nanny the last respect she deserve.

We are always here for you bunso. I know there are times you want to give in, but your real strength never let you down.  You still have us as your family. We will be seeing each other too, sooner.

Please pray for the soul of her beloved nanay. She departed when the old year is departing too.

What a day in Catarman!

Yesterday, me and Riz woke up at about 6:00AM. This is the day that we said to Tuesday (our co-writer in quiz) that we will gonna visit  her and her family. After she said it’s okay, no amount of rain can hold us to meet her in person. It is almost two hours drive from Calbayog city to Catarman (both in Samar province) and I really enjoy the scenery along the way.

Not so long ago, I got email and comment to my blog coming from Tuesday. She introduced herself as one of the quiz writer where me and Rizza employed too. And upon knowing that she lives in Catarman together with her husband and two kids, I immediately decided to pay visit with them. During that time I was planning to celebrate the holiday season in Calbayog. I have a very limited friends over the net so I value each and everyone of them. I never thought that Tuesday will take this seriously. I feel her excitement knowing we will gonna visit them and she actually played a part of a good host(ess).

In spite of the continuous rain, we go out and Tuesday tour us in their simple community. With merely few walks, we saw the town proper and the commercial area. If you want simple living with no pollution, Calbayog and Catarman is the place to be. There are only few tricycles and it only meant for a long ride. All you can see running back and forth is the pedicab. With just P3, you can go to your destination. Cheap isn’t it?

We took pictures in their nativity inside the church and some pictures near the park but of course, picture taking is not complete unless we  include her lovely kids. Isaac and Ingrid.They are so cute and their complexion, sooo flawless hahaha. Very smart kid, truly a pride of their parents.

me in Catarman church nativity

me in Catarman church nativity

Rizza, Tuesday, and me

Rizza, Tuesday, and me

Me at Catarman Freedom Park

Me at Catarman Freedom Park

Tuesday, Isaac, Ingrid, and Me

Tuesday, Isaac, Ingrid, and Me

Is there a lizard on the ceiling Isaac?

Is there a lizard on the ceiling Isaac?

We finally bid our goodbyes at about 2:30 PM and I am so thankful that Tuesday welcome us in their home even though we are only “netpeople”. Giving trust to strangers nowadays is no joke and I really appreciate it. I know she is now one of our friends. Thanks Tues and give our regards to your family and say thanks to your husband too.

God Bless.

Christmas in Calbayog

Like the usual Christmas tradition here in the Philippines, Calbayog has its own tradition and interpretation of nativity. Here, the Baby Jesus in not yet included in the belen (nativity) until after the Christmas Eve mass. Where, according to them, is the real time when the Child Jesus is born.

I attended the mass on Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral. The mass began at 10:00 pm and ended at almost 12:00 MN. It was led by Bishop Abarquez. An hour before the actual mass, the cathedral is already full. We sang some popular Christmas songs but the hardest part for me is the Waray portion of the homily where i understood nothing (laugh). I got confused when the Child Jesus is again being held out of the nativity. Some says because they avoided it being stolen (Baby Jesusnap?) but I found out later that they got it to be presented to the hundreds of people who want to kiss or even touch the image. (whew!)

After we got home, it’s barbecue time! I am the one who insist to grill it because I dont want it to cook hurriedly. The dryness and hardness always come when it cooked with high heat. And it was a success, yummy indeed. It was as simple gathering and my first time to celebrate Christmas with other family, but  it always gives me the feeling of “I am belong.”

Come let’s celebrate Chrismas in the Philippines.