Entertainment quizzes

If we are bored we sometimes surf the net to find some interesting quizzes. We end up refreshed or annoyed depending on what kind of quizzes we took.

But now that I am a quizwriter at devbook.LLC, I am proud to bring you some of my works. You may find it interesting or nonsense but I hope you enjoy taking it.

I sorted it by category:

Anime quizzes – It’s all about anime or manga. It’s either trivial or “what character are you” kind of quiz. It’s a family category and purely wholesome ehem.

Character quizzes – It’s an interesting quiz to find out what different personality are you like “what kind of dance are you” or “what kind of chair are you”. Some are accurate and some are made for just entertaining purposes.

General trivia – Celebrity, sports, games, TV series, Movies are mostly trivial quizzes.

General information – anything that test your knowledge.

Games quizzes – All about online games.

Sex quiz – Beware, this is for mature taker only. You may find the words offensive but as what the category says, it’s an adult material quiz (or almost lol).


Death Note Trivia Quiz

Onegai trivia Quiz

Bleach Trivia

Which Cool Bleach Character are you

Dragon Ball Trivia Quiz

Which Dragon Ball Z Character Are You?

School Rumble Trivia Quiz

Which School Rumble Character are you?

Pokemon Trivia Quiz

Sister Princess Trivia Quiz

Which SIster Princess Character Are You?

Games Quizzes

Legend of Zelda Quiz

World of Warcraft Quiz

DotA Quiz

Which DotA Character Are You?

Character and Personality Quizzes

What Sleeping Disorder Are You?

What Symbol Personality Are You?

What Kind of Lipstick Personality Are You?

What Kind of Pizza Personality Are You?

What Kind of Fruit Are You?

Which US President Are You?

What Kind of Chair Are You?

What Kind of Sex Toy Are You?

What is Your Ninjutsu Element Quiz?

Am I ready to get married?

Do you have an Obsessive-Compulsive traits?

Which Goddess are you?

Are you a dumb blonde?

Are you an Assertive individual?

What Job is fit for you?

How ridiculous are you?

What kind of boss are you?

Are you bisexual?

Are You a Motivated Person?

Do you have sense of humor?

Am I lesbian

Smokers Quiz

What Personality are you?

Logical ans straight Quizzes

Let’s Twist your brain a little

Surgical Procedure Quiz

Female Reproductive System Quiz

Male Reproductive System Quiz

Medical Abbreviation Quiz (A)

All About Skin Quiz

Grade IV Fraction Quiz

Elementary Science Quiz

Relationship Quizzes

Do you Know your partner well?

Does your partner cheating on you?

Sexual Quizzes

It’s all about Penis quiz

Sexuality quiz

Sexual experience level quiz

Sex Laws Quiz

What is your sexuality?

US States Quiz

US State Flower Quiz

Funny State Slogan Quiz

US town Quiz

US State Land Mammals Quiz

Celebrity Quizzes

Celebrities Former Job Quiz

Famous Women Quiz

Celebrity Bizarre Suicide Quiz

Elvis Presley Quiz

President Barack Obama Trivia Quiz

Food Quizzes

Chocolate Lover Quiz

Delicious Quiz

Funny and Weird Quizzes

Funny underwear Quiz

World Weirdest case Quiz

Singapore Funny Law Quiz


6 Responses

  1. Excellent site, keep up the good work

  2. Very new to this thing, still learning about this game. This is a excellent thing that my friend recommended to me, I never getting involved with it but soon will be Thanks! 🙂

  3. Really new to this thing, but I’m still learning about this. This is a great thing that my friend recommended to me, I never getting involved with it but soon will be 😀

  4. Great share 🙂

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